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Best Five BFL 2015 Pilihan Futsal GOSportee

Bandung Futsal League (BFL) 2015 officially ended last week. It is The official home of Fir (DKRC) coming out as a champion. Meanwhile, a team of Futsal AP7 led the Division standings 1.

At the peak of the party, DKRC Bandung made it out as winners after beating the team with the score tight Ca2 futsal 5-3, followed by defending champion the previous edition of the contented just 35 Futsal ranked 3.

While the Division 1 Championship title held by 2015 were successfully won by AP7Futsal team. AP7 futsal team will be promoted to Premier Division runners up shared Sangkuriang FC and ranked the 3rd Chexos Futsal.

As the title of the BFL before, this time the BFL also became a promotional event the players. Because, Bandung Futsal (FKB) reportedly was doing a team through the establishment of BFL.

Best Five BFL 2015 Pilihan Futsal GOSportee

An annual competition carried Five high prestige and Fauzi also often gave rise to a lot of talented players. Well, from a couple of players who competed, Futsal Zone already pick five names are entered as the Best Five BFL 2015.

1. Vishnu [...] (DKRC Fusion)
Who is not familiar with the players of FC Libido. Apiknya game during the competition makes Futsal the Zone chose Vishnu as part of best 5 BFL 2015. With simple and effective style of play, make the game become more varied DKRC until finally becoming champions. It also makes the player graduates Padjadjaran University this was crowned Best Player BFL 2015.

2. Friski (AP7)
Small body does not make Friski is seen next to the eye. This lefty-legged players reminded us national team players to Indonesia Bambang Bayu Saptaji (BBS). A small,wiry, and movements that are difficult to guess the opponent's team need to spendthe extra sweat to deal with it. No wonder, the title of the best player there is Division 1 in his grasp. Like BBS, typical game Friski is combing from the side of the field, penetrating to the Middle then Shoting.

3. Derrick Nurhidayat (Ca2)
Futsal Indonesia seems to be no need to worry if the Caisar or Kustiawan Andri Silitonga who plays as pivot no longer play. DERI could prove that he could be one of the pivot of the future Indonesia. Possession of strong, sturdy and has a good scoring instinct makes students of the Islamic University of Bandung Archipelago should be taken into account. First, players who also play in PON Kaltim has good composure.

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Best Five BFL 2015 Pilihan Futsal GOSportee

4. Hanif Pambudi (Chexos Futsal)
Passing! One of the most important basic techniques in playing futsal. And the quality of our passing was a very overpowered Hanif. Acting as an anchor, Hanif also provided a vision of good play. How to circulate among the senior players pointed us towards Socratess Matulessy.

5. Radyan Ferdiansyah (Futsal 35)
It's not easy being a trusted player in Futsal 35 Bandung stuffed like a pro player Julinur Richard, Cybernet, Abdul Aziz Sidiq etc. But Radyan prove his capacity. The benefits in terms of positioning. Freshman University of education Indonesia (UPI) it always open spaces and not tired of looking for a loophole so it makes work easier teammate. Not Infrequently he could also be breaking the deadlock.

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