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June Announces New Contract Rome, Totti

Speculation about the future of Totti alongside AS Roma will be answered later in June when the Club gave the announcement officially. Even so, it's been circulating reports that Totti already reached agreement renewal contract.

Rome has given confirmation that the captain will sign a contract extension lasts one year. In the new partnership, as coach Luciano Spalletti, there are only a few details are missing.

Totti's contract along with the Club having the symbol of this Wolf will run out on June 30. During this debate, appeared to question whether the 39 year-old player was handed a new contract as a player or he must leave the Stadio Olimpico.

As reported CalcioNews24, Totti agreed signed as a player for one season to the next. He will only receive a salary of 1 million euros (around Rp 15.189 billion) per year plus bonus performances in Champions League qualifying and the group phase.

June Announces New Contract Rome, Totti

After next season, his legend will take part in the Board of Directors of the club called the Giallorossi.

However, the official announcement of new contracts this problem may have to wait until June. This is because President James Palotta not in Italy before that time.

The second ranking Serie A Club 2015-2016, SSC Napoli, is reported to have extended the contract of their coach, Maurizio Sarri (57). Although his tenure plus, salariesare still uncountable small Sarri create top-tier Club size.

Maurizio Sarri di Napoli contract extended another year. In the letter the previous cooperation, ties the architect ended on June 30, 2016.

When the Club was recruited from Empoli in 2015, Sarri indeed was handed a unique clause tied it in Naples.

Club Party holding a unilateral decision to extend or terminate contract Sarri on each end of the season.

The meaning of the clause of the contract it is unilaterally Sarri applies per season only, in the absence of long-term bonds.

The return clause enabled Naples this summer with Sarri will be paid 800 thousand euros per season, plus a number of bonuses.

The salary of the equivalent of Rp 12 billion it uncountable small saw Naples as the teams preparing Sarri candidates quarter-finals in its inaugural season.

June Announces New Contract Rome, Totti

As a comparison, that number was just one-fifth of revenue, Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, who just brought the Club finish in Europa League zone. Mancini paid 4 million euros per season.

The most expensive coach status now held the architect team champion, Massimiliano Allegri, with salaries around 4.5 million euros per season at Juventus.

"The clubs should discuss economic factors with Sarri. Supposedly, the number 2 million euros per season is not a problem. " Thus the sound of a sentence in an article on Tuttomercatoweb.

2 million euro figure in question is the value of the desired salary Sarri in new contracts.

Reasonable wage increase expected the coach considering Naples also designate got the giant revenue from participation in the Champions League, 2016-2017.

AC Milan made sure not to retain Mario Balotelli next season. This 25-year-old striker will be returned to Liverpool.

Performance not promises Balotelli during uniformed Milan owner Silvio Berlusconimaking reluctant to defend it. Berlusconi revealed he will dikembali to the Club of origin.

Balotelli is a great player who is on loan to Milan with the duration of one season in August 2015. However, the striker of bengal this doesn't work give the impression of impressive over at the San Siro.

During one season Balotelli scored only one goal in 20 appearances in Serie A.

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June Announces New Contract Rome, Totti

Balotelli has a contract bond for two years in Liverpool. In April Balotelli had said did not want to return to Anfield this season.

However, the absence of guarantees from Milan to mempermanenkan his contractat the San Siro he should go back to Liverpool. Regardless, he likes it or not pass onthe remainder of the bond contract.

"There are a lot of players will go and Mario was one of the players who will terminate his contract with us," said Berlusconi as reported by Telelombardi.

Besides Balotelli, Berlusconi also mentioned some other name that will be removed.

"Besides Mario, there is also a Philippe Mexes, Alex, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and several others. There are five players who expired, "said the owner of the 80 year old Milan.