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Juventus Legend Son Recruits Inter and AC Milan

After a month the unemployed after being fired AC Milan, Sinisa Mihajlovic finally has a new Club. Wednesday (25/5/1999), 47-year-old coach was officially meneken's contract with Torino FC in bond work for two years.

Mihajlovic was deposed on April 12, Milan or Serie A when 2015-2016 leaving only6 matches.

A former central defender kicked it sharply when Milan was ranked 6th and it guarantees a place in the final of the Coppa Italy.

Midfielder Cristian Brocchi took over the Steering rod, the Club even finished one position lower in the standings and was beaten in the final Juventus Coppa.

Mihajlovic, a chance to continue his career in Turin became the event of redemptionover the tragedy the dismissal by Milan.

Juventus Legend Son Recruits Inter and AC Milan

"I want to thank President Urbano Cairo, Director of the Club, and all the people in Torino over the trust given to me," says men in the Serbian Club site.

In Turin, fill the position left by Mihajlovic Giampiero Ventura (68). Ventura resign after five years of menukangi Club beralias Il Toro (The Bull).

He brought Torino finish ranked 12th in Serie A this season. Changing of the coach in Turin, is increasingly the real paved the way Ventura as the successor to Antonio Conte on Italy national team coach seats.

Conte will leave towards Chelsea after the euro 2016 and rumors the emergence ofVentura as his successor the day taut. Ventura still shy of discussing its potential to train the national team.

"I am pleased to be associated with a job in the national team of Italy, as with any other coach. However, I have yet to speak with the FEDERATION (Football Federation of Italy), "he said in the La Gazzetta dello Sport.

It is a unique Venture and Conte had previously also been connected in the handover office in Bari.

In June 2009, Ventura meneken contract to train Bari in Serie a. the figure who replaced Ventura is none other then Conte.

Juventus Legend Son Recruits Inter and AC Milan

AC Milan's goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma (17 years), stating his desire to become the captain of AC Milan in the future.

Donnarumma live debut in AC Milan's senior team at the age of 16 years, to be exact match cons Sassuolo in October 2015. Since then, the position of the goalkeeper secured by Donnarumma.

Thanks to the performance of gemilangnya, Donnarumma touted as the avatar of the Juventus and Italy goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon.

However, his impressive appearance is not in line with the achievement of Donnarumma AC Milan. At the forefront of Serie A, AC Milan only finish seventh with the acquisition of 57 points.

In addition, AC Milan also failed to perform a concert in the Europa League after being defeated Juventus in the final match of the Coppa Italy.

However, his experiences on enjoying Donnarumma last season. Donnarumma elsehoping to get her career could be uphill, including being captain of AC Milan.

"For me, it's wonderful. Starting his career in Serie A in a young age as I am not always experienced by everyone, "said Donnarumma.

"For the future, I imagine it could be shared with tyre wear AC Milan captain. It will be the culmination of a dream of mine as a child, "he said.

All season 2015-2016, Donnarumma notes 31 appearances in the entire competition and putting 11 times without a clean sheet or conceded.

Juventus Legend Son Recruits Inter and AC Milan

Son of the legend of Internazionale of Milan and AC Milan, Maurizio Ganz, namely Simone Andrea Ganz, had agreed to join Juventus. Youth 22 of that year signed a contract for four years.

Ganz is a mainstay striker Serie B Club, Calcio Como, who had just been relegated to Lega Pro due to occupy the position of gatekeeper. Even so, Ganz appear prominently with slotted 16 goals.

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"I have signed a four-year contract with Juventus. They are the most important ClubSoccer in Italy. So, I feel happy, "said Ganz told TuttoMercatoWeb, Tuesday (24/5/2016).

Previously, Ganz is the player AC Milan Academy of its founders came. Ganz pun was originally hoping to become a part of the Rossoneri, the nickname of AC Milan.

However, hope Ganz could not materialize. In July 2014, the hold AC Milan decidedmelego Ganz to Como.

"Milan is the place where I grew up. I have to thank them. Actually I was expecting different things, but this is football, "he said.

The father of the Ganz, Maurizio Ganz, Inter Milan striker ex was the (1995-1997) and AC Milan (1998-2001). He became the top scorer of the UEFA Cup 1997, and brought the Serie A champions AC Milan season 1998-1999.