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Morata Body Language When Prompted To Deny Madrid

Gait Mohamed Salah in Serie A season for 2015-2016 belongs to sweet, though minus the title. Face the next season, the 23-year-old player also won the trophy can target joint AS Roma.

A major contribution was wrong in Rome made the original capital of Italy's clubs that finish third in the standings after Juventus and Napoli.

They can makes sure sure will play in next season's Champions League performances. Wrong have an important contribution in the success of the Roman.

All season 2015-2016 Wrong appear regular in 34 Serie A matches he could produce 14 goals all season.

"My first Season in Rome took place either. However, we have not won anything yetand that's very unfortunate, "said wrong as reported by Corriere della Sera.

"Hopefully I can win the title along with Roma next year in order to make the fans happy. That's my main target, "he said.

Morata Body Language When Prompted To Deny Madrid

In addition, also revealed the figure-figure who became his inspiration in play. For him there are three major figures in the world of football who became his inspiration.

"If I had to choose a three-figure hero in football, I'd mention, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and Francesco Totti. Their icons in the game, "said midfielder Egypt.

Totti in Roma's last match some indeed became the figure of a differentiator when coming on as a substitute. AS Roma captain was also rumored to have done the update contract.

The courts of Italy suspect a scandal involving scores of five Serie A matches 2015-2016 as well as 11 party Lega Pro (Division III).

The whole party that involves Serie A club promotions, Frosinone Calcio.

The game became the object of investigation is the time they lost away from Naplesin the two meetings (1-5 and 0-4), AC Milan (2-4), Genoa (0-4), as well as when hitting Verona Frosinone (2-1).

Stage of the investigation results of the unnatural party had yet to identify suspectsinvolved setting the score.

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The investigation was conducted because the Court finds there are not amiss from the betting patterns for the matches.

This case followed the news of the arrest of 10 people by the police at the beginning of week Italy antimafia related scandal score in Serie B 2013-2014.

Morata Body Language When Prompted To Deny Madrid

The game became the focus of an investigation involving Avellino, i.e. against Reggina (3-0) and Modena (0-1).

In the raids, police arrested seven members of the Camorra, the mafia syndicate based in the region of Naples.

They were thrown into jail, while the remaining three people into house arrest. Members of the Camorra was bribing players to help influence the end result.

The case was dragging a defender of Genoa, Armando Izzo, who still defend Avellino when the incident took place.

The alleged appears Izzo (24) connecting the Camorra clan origin, his hometown.

The player has already denied its involvement, but he would remain exposed to a series of related investigations description the scandal.

"I was a football player and never think to organize the match results. I'm very confident to the force of law, "said Izzo told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri try convince Álvaro Morata for not moving to Real Madrid. It is claimed the architect, Morata showed positive body language.

The future of Morata is still a question mark. Madrid Middle weigh to enable repatriation clause Morata worth 30 million euros (around Rp 456 billion).

Madrid's three pending approval Morata. When the last terms are met, Juventus could not do anything to void the transfer.

Morata Body Language When Prompted To Deny Madrid

Therefore, the club called the Rossoneri I try to approach personal, one via Allegri.

"I've given some advice to Morata. He should stay in Juventus to keep growing. The reason, he has not yet reached the level of balance and power that is supposed to be, "said Allegri.

Allegri also presents a major European clubs as Juventus to Morata. Five scudetti subsequently became one of the indicators.

Then, how about addressing the persuasion of Morata Allegri?

"He nodded. I hope he can understand. I say so for the sake of goodness, "said the48-year-old coach.

The guarantee minutes play possible should also be given to Morata. It is identifiedto be one of the considerations in addition to the option for a glance at Morata Juventus.

In the event all season 2015-2016, she just get a ration of 2,377 minutes. The two new players, Paulo Dybala and Mario Mandzukic, thus got a minute more.