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Appear bad, Rojo Calls the greatest Player in Maria MU

Arturo Vidal is rumored to have agreed to leave Arsenal. However, Fernando Felicevich as agent Vidal ensure if The Gunners at all have yet to roll out meetings with clients.

Resounding performance during four seasons defending Vidal Juventus made his name entered on the list of hunting clubs of Europe, from Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, to Real Madrid.

Of the four clubs, The Gunners are in the leading line in order to get the services of former Bayer Leverkusen player. In fact, one of Argentina's sports journalists DIRECTV Sports, Hernan Feler, claiming if Vidal had agreed to join Arsenal.

The management offers London Cannon Arturo Vidal a contract duration of five seasons with an enticing payout. While Juventus, is also rumored to have agreed that a 28-year quarterback took off to Arsenal with bandrol 30 million euros.

Appear bad, Rojo Calls the greatest Player in Maria MU

Unfortunately, the move to the Emirates Stadium still Vidal as a rumor. Braga, Arsenal at all have yet to approach both to the players or Juventus.

"There is absolutely no contact with Arsenal," explained Fernando as reported by the Forza Italian Football.

"There are any incidents of accidents that overwrite is off the field and has absolutely nothing to do with the careers of Vidal. This is a personal mistake and he's going to pay for it, "he continued.

Arturo Vidal is one of the important pillars of Juventus. He successfully scored 35 goals in 124 matches plus carry-I find their seven titles, including four Serie A trophy.

The Manchester United Defender, Marcos Rojo praised teammate at the Club, Angeldi Maria. Rojo call On Mary as the most gifted player in the Red Devils.

In Maria joined the MU from Real Madrid with the dowry of 59.7 million pounds sterling ($ 1.2 trillion). Although he brought with the exorbitant prices, the contributiongiven in Maria far from expectations.

The Argentina midfielder was recorded only scored four goals and 12 assists for MUin every event. However do not reduce the assessment of Rojo to call On Mary as the greatest player in MU.

Appear bad, Rojo Calls the greatest Player in Maria MU

"For me, the most talented players at Manchester United is Angel. There are indeedgreat players at the Club, but for me Angel is the best player on the team and in the world, "said Rojo.

Rojo added factors that make Mary appear below In the performance because of the slowness factor adaptations. If it is, then it is not impossible to traverse successfully In Mary will return to his best performance as the Real Madrid uniform.

"Last season was indeed a difficult season for him. He has a problem in a matter ofadaptation, but that's normal, "explained Rojo.

"Some of the players who came to the new country and the new League must adapt and that's what happened. But, I am sure he will do well in the next few months, "former Qpr player pungkas.

The former Manchester United captain Roy Keane admitted to never think of becoming fans of YOURS. The reason, he's more loving Tottenham Hotspur.

Keane arguably the success with the captain of the Red Devils. Recorded seven English Premier League titles, four FA Cup trophies and one UEFA Champions League success of the Irish-born man is dedicated to team based in Old Trafford.

Appear bad, Rojo Calls the greatest Player in Maria MU

However, that success seems to not automatically make Keane THY love. "I never thought would be the fans of YOURS when I played for them," says Keane as quoted from Squawka.

"Believe it or not, I prefer called Spurs fans. God knows where that comes from the heart. But, the term a stronger fans from a Word, "explains Keane.

Though denied the problem itself instead of the fans, not thus make Keane hate clubs that have been raising them. The reason, Keane still feel sad if viewed MU losseswhile competing.

"Just because I play for Manchester United, not that I became fans of the team. Of course, if they play against Liverpool today I want to MU win, but, when I went I have decided my relationship with the Club, "Keane pungkas.

Mario Balotelli's fate seems to being disadvantaged. The name of the magnitude as a reliable football player now not sementereng first. He then digadang-gadang will be the world's top players, but now is not a nobody.

Striker ever valued Rp 1.2 trillion in three times this transfer has decreased enough performance drastically. Even struggling to occupy the bench Liverpool alone is somewhat difficult. He only scored four goals in 26 appearance with The Reds last season.

The best option of course continue his career in another Club. But unfortunately, there is no one interested Club bringing in players that bengal in the transfer windowthis summer, so that loaded the page Mirror.