Jumat, 10 Februari 2017

Wow, the renovation of the Stamford Bridge Spent Rp 10.4 Trillion!

Central master plan carried out by Chelsea. The owner, Roman Abramovich was planning to renovate their pride Stadium, Stamford Bridge. Unmitigated, taipan origin that Russia was about to spend 500 million amounted to pounsterling trillion or Rp 10.4!

As the page loaded Daily Mail, Abramovich would immediately expose the development of Stamford Bridge in a public consultation event in three days ahead.

The capacity is just enough for 41,798 spectators later would reach 60,000 seats. This renovation done Chelsea for the sake of adding more revenue through entrance ticket to the audience at every turn. Not just that, his magnificent stadium which would be built will add to the reputation of Chelsea as a world class Club.

Plan process perenovasian Stamford Bridge is expected to take three years. The two hotels stand next to any stadium will also be demolished to expand the land.

Wow, the renovation of the Stamford Bridge Spent Rp 10.4 Trillion!

Instead, the Club's Jose Mourinho will temporarily evacuate to Twickenham or Wembley Stadium as their headquarters in cage matches.

Abramovich already owns the concept of his new stadium for later. 48-year-old manwas inspired by the design of the Cathedral of Westminster Abbey in London.

So it's no wonder, Stamford Bridge later would have the gothic overtones. This cannot be separated from the vision that Abramovich wanted to make Stamford Bridge as the Cathedral of football.

Currently, Abramovich is rumored to have put together a renowned architectural consultants to discuss the construction of the stadium, comprising architects masterplan (Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands), stadium architect (& Herzog De Meuron), strategic planners (Aecom), train and transport (WSP) and structural engineer (Schlaich Bergermann & Partner).

Worth the wait how the magnificent new stadium will be owned by Chelsea in the next few years.

Two Italian clubs Genoa and Sampdoria blatantly denied their interest to issue ex Manchester City striker won it.

Wow, the renovation of the Stamford Bridge Spent Rp 10.4 Trillion!

President of Genoa, Massimo Ferrero not sure style of play would fit with his Trophies. While Sampdoria coach Walter Zenga opted to bring in Antonio Cassano than Super Mario.

"Cassano and Balotelli is a player with tremendous talent, but I will not bring in Balotelli," he said.

It certainly makes the Trophies and the agent, Mino Raiola should be trying to finda new Club. Though Raiola's own claim agents will survive at Anfield future, Balotelliwill increasingly dismal forecast.

Brendan Rodgers now has two new and Origi Divock attacker Danny Ings. The presence of two players that later will certainly be increasingly making career Trophies are in the unjung horns.

Rumor solved success Manchester United Southampton star hook, Morgan Schneiderlin seems only a figment of mere thumbs. Because, the coach of The Saints, Ronald Koeman found Red Devils have not seriously, he brought quarterback 25 years.

Soton had preached had agreed to take off THY Schneiderlin with the dowry of 20million pounds or worth Rp 419.

Wow, the renovation of the Stamford Bridge Spent Rp 10.4 Trillion!

But the news contradicted directly by Koeman. According to Koeman, until now there is no deal with THEE Soton occurs between related transfer that France midfielder.

"We have a situation with Morgan Schneiderlin, we would still be waiting for what will happen. Up to now, we didn't get a serious offer from MU for her, "said Koemanwas quoted as saying from the Mirror.

It was not until there, Koeman also claiming to have learned a lot from last season, when some of his star players such as Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana resigned from the Club on the stock transfer.

"We have the experience of last season. It will not happen again this season, but weshould still prepare for all possibilities. I'm optimistic we'll get a good season going forward, "Koeman closes.

New goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal, ready to bring The Gunners end a title droughtPremier League for 12 years. Original Czech men were also shocked by the treatment he received.

After being declared qualified for medical tests, Petr Cech signed a contract with four seasons along with Arsenal. Though not mentioned exactly how the value of the transfer, but the BBC Alerts you if The Gunners had to menggelontorkan funds of up to 10 million pounds for the sake of being able to redeem Cech from Chelsea.

"The last few days went very awesome. Welcome message from teammate and Arsenal supporters are very untrustworthy. Great runs last season for Arsenal but there isless because they are off guard at the end of the season. I believe that team had the potential to be one of the Club's trophy-winning candidate, "explains Cech told TheStandard.