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Cech Join Arsenal, This Mourinho Comments

Petr Cech officially joined the Club the adversary Chelsea, Arsenal. Thus, what is theGiallorossi's comments responded to transfer of the goalkeeper?

This season Cech poor chances down Chelsea defending. Jose Mourinho decided put Thibaut Cortouis as a goalkeeper. The reason, the resounding accomplishment Courtois takes Atletico Madrid won La Liga and the Champions League final got off in time.

Cech on Wednesday (30/6/2015) signed a contract with four seasons along with Arsenal after being declared qualified for medical tests. Until now, the unknown magnitude of the transfer value payable Cannon of London to The Blues. However, reputable media United Kingdom BBC Alerts you that Arsenal had to pay a 10 million pounds ($ 208 billion).

Earlier, Mourinho had said that he will not allow Cech joined with fellow Club United Kingdom origin. However, The Special One seem has mengikhlaskan original Czech Republic goalkeeper decision it chose Arsenal.

Cech Join Arsenal, This Mourinho Comments

"Chelsea Čech has served well for 11 seasons. He helped Chelsea win almost everything. I always wanted him to stay. But, I understand that she need be a goalkeeper, "said Mourinho as reported by the official website of the Club.

"Sometimes, you have to respect the decision of the person who would have beenmengambdikan itself very well for this club. I support the way Roman Abramovich(Chelsea owner) respects the decision of Cech. We are very grateful for all the services, "he added.

The decision of the Cech joined Arsenal makes the Beavers a loyal supporter of The Blues. In fact, there is the Chelsea fans threatened to kill a goalkeeper who is adept at playing the drum.

Former Poland national football team player, Jan Tomaszewski mention Arsenal, Manager Arsene Wenger has been deceiving Wojciech Szczesny. That statement appeared in post The Gunners getting Petr Cech of Chelsea.

Szczesny later indeed no longer be first choice Manager Arsene Wenger, especiallysince the incidence of smoking is done and make Szczesny The Professor was disappointed. As Wenger prefers David Ospina as the main goalkeeper of the team.

Cech Join Arsenal, This Mourinho Comments

However, as disclosed Tomaszewki, Wenger had talked to Szczesny to not bring in new keeper, and gave him the opportunity to seize the number one position as goalkeeper Arsenal.

"In January I spoke with the Manager of the national team of Poland Adam Nawalkaand he says Arsene Wenger has given know Szczesny to work hard time because he would play right away," said Tomaszewski as quoted from Squawka.

"It turns out that he is not telling the truth. I'm sure when Szczesny decided stay onArsenal, he had no idea Cech will come because Wenger has never told him about his plan. Szczesny should go because it will only survive if it is wasting her time, "Tomaszewski closes.

The arrival of Cech to Emirates Stadium clearly adds to the heat of the competition at the position of goalkeeper. Because, The Gunners now have three great wit, goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, David Opsina and Petr Cech to it seizing the main place.

Goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal upgrade for sure if her best game shows still capableof up to seven years into the future.

At the age of 33, Cech had a chance to embark on a new chapter in his career i.e. moved from Chelsea to Arsenal. Men's Czech origin that confirms the wish to continue to play until the age of 40.

Cech Join Arsenal, This Mourinho Comments

"I don't want to talk about retirement until seven years into the future. That's my target then we just look at it later. In soccer, we never know how career and retirementis not what I think, "says Cech was quoted as saying ESPN.

On that occasion, Cech also admitted never imagined would leave The Blues, the club that has been dibelanya for 11 years. But there is no guarantee of regular play make Cech was forced to decide to leave to club rival city.

"You can plan, but sometimes it does not run as desired. This is a step that I didn't expect but I am glad this happened, "said Cech.

"I am looking forward to meet new challenges me. I am going to do my job and show that I is still viable, "he said.

Radamel Falcao manages to get Chelsea on the stock transfer earlier this season. Colombian national team bombers that borrowed The Blues from AS Monaco until theend of the 2015-2016 season.

Falcao appears less convincing kala uniformed Manchester United in last season. Hescored only four goals in 29 appearances in the entire pageant competition. As a result, the Red Devils decided to not mempermanenkan the players and repatriate himto Monaco.