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Petr Cech, The Threat Of Being Killed Until The Jersey Was Burned

New Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, opening the old story in 2002. At the time he actually got the chance to join Arsenal from Sparta Prague. But there are things that makes it cancel strengthen The Gunners. He finally came and competed in the UK in 2004 along with Chelsea which is one of the city rival Arsenal in London.

"I terganjal work permit. If only that time no work permit related issue, I would have been playing for Arsenal, "Cech said in an interview published on the official Arsenal.

The time origin Cech, the Czech Republic has not yet become a member of the European Union (EU). Create a non-EU player, so that could play in the United Kingdomare at least already had the opportunity to play at least as much as 75% in the national team.

Petr Cech, The Threat Of Being Killed Until The Jersey Was Burned

"I was 18 years old at the time. Not possible to get that much play opportunity in the national team, "continued Cech is now a 31-year-old.

After failing to get the Club in the United Kingdom, Cech accepted in France, Rennes Club. He recently got into United Kingdom to strengthen Chelsea in 2004. When it's Arsenal is the defending champion of the League United Kingdom with fantasticnotes, that became the champion with a record unbeaten throughout the season.

Honestly, he claimed to not regret it. Czech Republic goalkeeper was also not feel worry Arsenal fans would antagonize him due to those comments.

"I never regret what has happened in the past. If I could repeat the success with Arsenal now, then it will be something extraordinary, "said Cech who for 11 seasons strengthen Chelsea contributed 15 title.

Along with Chelsea, Petr Cech felt the prestigious title as the four Premier League trophy, four FA Cups, one League and one Champions League. Arsenal have to spend10 million Pounds (around us $220 billion) to hook the goalkeeper his place in Chelsea by Thibaut Courtois tergeser it.

Petr Cech officially moved from Chelsea to Arsenal and sign a contract duration of four years. Though not mentioned how the funds should be expended Arsenal, the BBC estimates The Gunners must pay no less than 10 million pounds sterling (around Rp 220 billion) to get the Czech Republic goalkeeper then.

Removals that until now Cech still make Chelsea fans upset. A few hours after a 31-year-old goalie was officially crossed over to Arsenal, Chelsea fans Twitter and spouting profanity in cyberspace. One of the fans who had threatened to slay extreme Cech.

Petr Cech, The Threat Of Being Killed Until The Jersey Was Burned

After that, a Chelsea fans burned his jersey with the name Chelsea goalkeeper Cech.The Jersey was placed above the tires, sprayed with an aerosol, then burned until exhausted. Everything is preserved through photos and videos uploaded to various social networking sites.

The fans got disappointment make Cech made an open letter. Its content is a goodbye and thanks for all the elements, including the Chelsea supporters.

A goalkeeper who is adept at playing drums to this career for 11 seasons at Stamford Bridge and becomes the first choice since coming from the Club, RennesFrance in 2004. During such, Čech helped The Blues reach for 15 prestigious titles, includingUnited Kingdom League trophy, FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League.

But the arrival of Thibaut Courtois on the start of the season and then make Cech's position tergeser. Especially early in the season Cech had suffered an injury and was unable to play.

Petr Cech, The Threat Of Being Killed Until The Jersey Was Burned

Courtois was the Chelsea goalkeeper during the 2011-2014 was loaned out to Atletico Madrid. Because look good during Lent, goalkeeper 23 year old Belgium was requested returned home and immediately so the main choice of coach Jose Mourinho.

As a result, throughout last season Cech only played 16 times in all event followed by Chelsea. And that's not always so starter. It's what makes Cech finally sultry and decided to make the move.

Removals this isn't easy sesuatuyang make Cech. Proven, he wrote a parting wordspoignantly made Chelsea supporters.

"The most important thing of all in this sebesar-besar thanks to all the fans of Chelsea. I did everything for you and you give me love. I will never forget it. This will stay with me forever. We'll meet again but this time I'll be on another team, I hope you'll remember the history and understand it's time for me to start a new adventure, "Cech at the closing of the letter.

Anyway with a speech like that, there are still fans who are disappointed and angryat him. Fate.