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Smalling: I Was the fastest Player in MU

One of the legends of Argentina, Juan Roman Riquelme, sorry for ever rejected Manchester United who desperately wanted signed her in 2006. Riquelme call if that ismy only regret in his career.

Riquelme who is now aged 37 years and retired it is widely recognized as one of the most gifted players of his generation in Argentina. The consistency of his game at Boca Juniors took him to Barcelona.

Life at Camp Nou Riquelme went according to expectations. By that time he was coached by Louis van Gaal reacted, which is now the boss man. United and often played in a position that is not preferred.

Recently, Riquelme has been confirm that before Villarreal meet Arsenal in the Champions League 2005/06, he had the opportunity to join with Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford

Smalling: I Was the fastest Player in MU

"The only thing that I later regret in my career is a decision already taken. When in a hotel in the United Kingdom before the semi-final against Arsenal, Manchester United come to management, he brought me but I said no. At that time, I'm very comfortable with my teammates in Villarreal, "explained Riquelme to Fox Sports Radio.

Former Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard revealed he has a chance to survive in the world of European football, before choosing to sign the contract, the MLS champion Los Angeles Galaxy.

Gerrard ended the trip length for 26 years with Liverpool to join the Galaxy as a designated player in the United States. Designated player is a condition in which an MLS Club could buy players who are paid above the maximum limit budget spending.

Players aged 35 years it will debut when the Club underwent a anyarnya against theSan Jose Earthquakes on 17 July. In an interview with the official Club tv, Gerrard said he refused an offer from European clubs before making sure his arrival in Los Angeles.

Smalling: I Was the fastest Player in MU

"I get several bids from all over Europe, some of these opportunities can be said to be qualified," said Gerrard to Galaxy TV.

"But I want to get a really a challenge to get out of my comfort zone. I want to get experience living away from home and get to experience a different life and to choose a place where my family can enjoy themselves and settle. "

"When I retired from football in a few more years, I could say already try new experiences even though I am loving every minute through life at Liverpool."

The Juventus player name, Paul Pogba continues to be the target of top European clubs. This time Manchester City are ready to bid is fantastic to Juventus.

As the page loaded in the Mirror, The Citizens have already bid worth 71 million pounds or Rp 1.4 trillion--suit is mounted to the Ochoa Pogba.

Bid City is certainly defeat a proposed value. The Catalan had previously been giving deals amounting to Rp 1.1 trillion.

However, the Old Nyoya still not giving any response related the offer. But if Pogbaso anchored at Etihad Stadium next season, a record for the most expensive transfers in the Premier League would be solved.

Smalling: I Was the fastest Player in MU

By far the most expensive in the United Kingdom's record is still held by Angel di Maria. Former Real Madrid players that Manchester United would go home with Rp 1.1 trillion.

The city is indeed very much like to bring Pogba. Even the word got out, the Club's Manuel Pellegrini was willing to hire 240 thousand pounds of Pogba or Rp 4.9 billion per week.

Chris Smalling is claimed to be the fastest player at Manchester United. Smalling wants to prove it when the Club's practice session was re-started.

The statement certainly Smalling made most parties do not believe. The reason, according to notes from Tracab, Wayne Rooney is a MU with the ability to run most quickly in the Premier League last season.

"I support myself as the fastest, whether it's in a run of 10 or 5 meters, 40 meters," said Smalling quoted the Club's official website.

"It might surprise some people, but I think if you asked most of the players no onedared challenge me to run the race," he added.

More berpaspor man United Kingdom it mentions some of the Red Devils players have good speed. They are James Willson, Angel di Maria and Ashley Young.

"When we were warming up, we did five or 10 metres sprint. No one has ever proven in races. But hopefully we can try it pramusim time and I am sure can be superior,"said Smalling.